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SQS912 W158 WAJJ
SQS970 WABP W135
SQS911 WAJJ W158

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    Airline: SusiAir Virtual
    Callsign: SkyQueen

    Total Pilots: 215
    Total Hours: 796.00

    Total Distance: 261896 NM
    Total Flights: 734
    Flights Today: 4
    Registrations: OPEN
    Staff Vacancy: OPEN
    Pax Carried: 6486
    Cargo Carried: 56653 kg
    Total Aircraft: 46
    Total Schedules: 220
    Pending Applications: 0

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Susi Air is an Indonesian Airline who has highest fleets of C208B (Cessna Grand Caravan) in the Asian Pacific region also has the highest route covering all regions of the country. Fly to reach up to the hinterland that are not served by other airlines.

With pride that we want to bring the spirit into the virtual airline. We want to give a different sense to fly. Climbing mountains and down the valley to reach the remote airport.

Let's exploring the skies and enjoy the beauty of Indonesia, closer and deeper ...

Let's Joint Us and Bring Your Wings

Random Gallery

    12/24/2013Random Screenshot
    Submitted: Dedy Fuadi | SQS0018

    SQS354, smooth landing at WALS (Temindung), Samarinda.

Last Pireps

Flight No Departure Arrival Duration Pilot Status
SQS424 WAMA WAMT 00.32 Olaf Wiersing Approval Pending
SQS7001 WIHL WARJ 00.52 Taufan Hidayat Approval Pending
SQS331 WALF WALR 00.26 Sviatoslav Roublev Approval Pending
SQS330 WALR WALF 00.26 Sviatoslav Roublev Approval Pending
SQS257 WARR W432 01.18 Taufan Hidayat Approval Pending

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Flight Operation Monitoring System

  Flight Departure Arrival Aircraft Status
SQS912 Borme Airstrip Sentani Airport C208B-VVA Cruise
SQS232 Halim Perdanakusuma Int'l Airport Tunggul Wulung Airport D228-VSS Climbing

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